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1) This arrangement will be available only to the bonafide Life Members/Permanent Members (or any such similar category of membership), hereinafter referred to as RECIPROCAL MEMBER, of the reciprocating club. Temporary Members (or any such similar category of membership) shall not be eligible for this arrangement.

2) Reciprocal facilities shall be made available only to those reciprocal members visiting Pune city and not for the members who are residents of Pune city.

3) Family of Reciprocal Member (Spouse and maximum 2 children up to age of 21) are allowed to make use of the facilities along with the reciprocal member, but only in presence of the concerned Reciprocal Member. Reciprocal Member shall not be permitted to get his/her Guest anytime in the Club.

4) Valid membership card of the reciprocating club and introduction letter/introduction card, duly signed by the authorized signatory of the reciprocating club, are essential while registering for entry in Deccan Gymkhana.

5) Reciprocal members shall have to register their details in the Affiliated Club register maintained at the Club House reception. We shall issue a ‘RECIPROCAL MEMBER CARD’ on verification of the documents as stated above. The reciprocal member will have to possess the said card at all times while he is on the premises of Deccan Gymkhana.

6) Any reciprocal member can avail of the accommodation facilities for a maximum period of 8 days in a month OR 40 days a year, subject to availability.

7) Reciprocal members desirous of availing of any facility other than the accommodation rooms will have to pay an entrance per visit at the prevailing rate.

8) All payments have to be made in advance and in Cash only. Taxes shall be additional wherever applicable.

9) All norms mentioned in the fact sheet of Deccan Gymkhana shall be applicable.

10) Reciprocal Members shall be governed by the rules and regulations of Deccan Gymkhana while they are availing of any of the facilities offered by Deccan Gymkhana.

11) The Reciprocating Club shall be held responsible for any misbehavior/misconduct on part of the Reciprocal Member and appropriate action shall be taken.

12) The Reciprocating Club will have to send a list of valid members as on the date of signing of this agreement. Also, any future additions to memberships OR disqualification of membership shall be communicated to Deccan Gymkhana within a period of 30 days from the effect.

13) This agreement shall come into force immediately after the exchange of duly signed agreements by and between Deccan Gymkhana and the Reciprocating Club as mentioned above. The arrangement shall remain in effect until terminated by either of the club by giving a notice of 60 days.