Norms for Fixed Term Membership

  1. Fixed Term Membership will be granted for a maximum period of 1/2/3 yrs.
  2. The non-refundable entrance fee will be Rs 50,000/-per year plus taxes as applicable. A 5% discount will be given for those opting for 3years membership.
  3. Fixed Term member will be entitled to use the facilities at par with the Permanent Member, except:
    • Voting Rights in any of the DG Matters.
    • Participation in any of the Deccan Gymkhana meetings.
    • The spouse of the Fixed term member can apply for (add on) membership to his/her spouse and will be valid till the primary membership exists. The charge for an ADD ON membership is Rs 300/- per person
  4. Fixed term member will have to pay coaching fees/reservation and other charges as applicable. \
  5. Outstanding sports persons who have won the Gold Medal at least at the National Level tournaments (held by their apex, respective Indian Federation Body) in the games played at DG, in the current or the last two calendar years may be considered for the ‘Fixed Term Sports Membership’, at 75% concession in the normal prevailing ‘Fixed Term Membership’ entrance fee. He will have same privileges like the Fixed Term Member as mentioned above.

Norms for Corporate Membership

  1. Any established, operational, reputed Private Limited or a Public Limited Company or an Organisation in India may apply for ‘Corporate membership’ for their directors, partners,
    staff or representatives.
  2. If the membership is granted, then maximum four nominees are possible (at the discretion of DG) to be enrolled as the representatives of the Corporate member. Request for change in nominee shall be charged as per prevailing admin fee (Present fees Rs. 2500/- plus taxes if any).
  3. Corporate Membership may be granted for a maximum period of 1/3/5 yrs. as requested by the organisation.
  4. Committee reserves the right of selection/rejection of the nominee or the organisation. No candidate or any other person shall have the right to challenge any decision of the Committee or Sub-Committee or to demand any reasons for rejection / disqualification/termination of any application.
  5. The Membership Fee per nominee will be as undera.
    • Entrance Fee(Non refundable) : Rs 50,000/- per year per nominee plus taxes as applicable
    • Annual Fee: Fee will be based on the department chosen (As per present rate plus taxes).
    • Reservation charges shall be charged additionally at par with permanent members.
    • A 5% and 10% discount will be given in the entrance fee for those opting for 3 years and 5 years membership respectively.
    • The corporate member will have to pay coaching fees/reservation and other charges as applicable.
  6. The representative(s) is/are entitled to enjoy all the existing facilities of DG, on the similar grounds that of a permanent member (of that particular department), except the right to attend any of the Gymkhana meetings and the right to participate directly or indirectly in the electoral process.
  7. Family members (Spouse and two children up to the age of 18 years) of the Corporate member nominee can get themselves registered as ADD-ON members by paying annual charges of Rs 300/- per person. Children above the age of 18 may accompany the member as guests by paying the guest fee from time to time.
  8. Request for change in nominee shall be charged as per prevailing admin fee as decided by the Governing Body (plus taxes if any).
  9. Governing Body of Deccan Gymkhana reserves the right to reject or remove any nomination or to change the above norms at their discretion without giving any reason, at any time. The Corporate member may nominate (subject to acceptance of DG) some new members in such a case.
  10. The corporate member nominee has to strictly follow all the rules and code of conduct as applicable to other members.
  11. All the prevailing and future rules of Deccan Gymkhana will be compulsory and binding.

Norms for Permanent Membership

  1. Permanent membership is an Individual membership.
  2. A permanent member can avail any of the facilities offered by DG on payment of nominal annual fees.
  3. Family members of the Permanent Member (spouse and two children upto 18 yrs.) can be enrolled as ADD-ON card members for availing DG facilities with charges similar to a permanent member.
  4. Permanent membership can be availed by the family members (spouse and two children upto 21 yrs.) at a concession of 50% & 80% respectively on the prevailing entrance fee. For children above 21 yrs., the concession offered is 25%. However, this facility is open to the existing permanent member only after the completion of the 1st year of his membership.
  5. Voting rights are given after completion of one year as a Permanent member.
  6. Concessional membership is offered to International / National sportspersons as per the norms established in this regard.

Norms for Add-On Members

  1. The spouse and maximum 2 children (below 18 yrs. of age) of any Permanent Member may apply for Add-on Membership.
  2. The applicant/s has/have to pay the annual add-on card registration fee.
  3. The yearly fee structure as applicable to a Permanent Member is applicable to such Add-on card members.
  4. An Add-on card member enjoys all the privileges as offered to the Permanent Member except voting rights and the right to attend any meetings.

Norms for Temporary Membership

  1. Any individual interested in availing the basic sports facilities offered by DG can do so by applying for Temporary Membership of any particular sports department.
  2. While applying for Temporary Membership, the concerned individual has to get his application endorsed by the concerned sports department secretary.
  3. After filing such endorsed applications along with the requisite Temporary membership fees for any department, the individual concerned is eligible to avail basic sports facilities offered by the Club.
  4. This category of membership is to be renewed as per the periodicity of the facility availed.
  5. Temporary members are not permitted to vote or attend meetings. They also cannot avail facilities of affiliated clubs. They cannot park their 4 wheelers inside Deccan Gymkhana.